Mark Cotrupe Photography


I have been in love with photography since 1968 when I was in High School. I went through the whole darkroom process and used manual cameras. I'm glad I started that way because it forced me to learn a lot about photography. But I never liked the darkroom, so as soon as digital photography caught on, I was on board. I learned Photoshop and was finally happy with my post-processing.
Artistically, I think the earlier photographers such as Paul Strand and Ansel Adams had a strong influence on me. But I also had a strong influence from painters. I always loved oil painting but never got good enough to like my work. Photography fulfilled my artistic ambition, and has made it's way into my heart. When I look at my work, I can often see the images as paintings, so it still effects what I do.
I have a style that I refer to as magical realism (borrowed from the writing world), in which the photo will appear clear and crisp, yet has a certain glow, or life to it. I like to live my life that way, with a little magic mixed in with the realism.



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